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who we are
Analytics for today, scenarios for tomorrow

Corestone Corporation unites specialists with cross-industrial approach. By means of modern technologies, our own software toolkit and expertise in different fields we create new formats of analytics that fulfil the only function of finding insights in a most effectively explanatory way. Analysis of information fields and social processes, psychological types and behavior patterns, scenario modelling and algorithm development of political processes, impact of emotions on voting behavior, industry mapping and many more.

Our goal is not to make a forecast but to appreciate the situation and model its further development.

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What we do for our customers

Audience Monitoring

Measurement of message/audience contact

Efficiency evaluation of awareness campaigns

Optimal media mix planning

Analytical Support

Industries, markets and processes analysis

Regulatory base, financial and resource markets, FMCG, media, social processes, etc.

Search and verification of information (Ukrainian and foreign segments) g

Image Management

Regulation of media space

Field Work


Smart Sociology

Conduction of psychographic researches for evaluation of client’s image, audience’s perception of events/matters of opinion, study of emotional maps and target audience’s semantics

Strategic Planning

Development of informational strategy

Support on a weekly tactics basis